Naples Optical | 3 Ways to Keep Your Vision Healthy Longer
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3 Ways to Keep Your Vision Healthy Longer

3 Ways to Keep Your Vision Healthy Longer

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Aging is an unavoidable outcome in the process of life. While there are many “fountain of youth” products and gimmicks out there, the fact is we all will get older. Hair starts turning a little more silver (or disappears altogether), hips begin to creak, car keys and cell phones seem to wander off with minds of their own. There’s just no way around it. As we age, our eye health is affected just as much as the rest of us.

For many of us approaching our silver or golden years, there are a number of vision challenges that can arise. And while we can’t hit the pause button when it comes to aging, the good news is there are a number of ways you can keep your vision in great shape. Here are 3 tips for prolonging your healthy vision.

1. Regular Checkups

This may sound like a given, but it’s important to eye health that you schedule regular exams with your optometrist. Regular visits to your eye doctor will not only help you with day-to-day activity, they will also help to stay ahead of any vision-related problems. Discuss your family history with your optometrist, especially if you have a family history of vision problems like glaucoma. With an idea of what to look for, your doctor can give you the best possible options for keeping your vision healthy.

If vision issues do arise, your optometrist can help you take the necessary steps to correct or improve any vision concerns. Whether it’s cataract surgery, age-related macular degeneration treatment, or eye drops to help reduce your eye pressure for glaucoma, regular checkups will give your optometrist the information needed to make a difference in your vision.

2. Protect Your Eyes

Though it’s important at any age in life, protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation is even more vital to eye health as we age. In addition to potentially saving your eyesight, a pair of quality sunglasses can also help you avoid certain types of skin cancer around the eyes. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you should also have a pair or two of prescription sunglasses.

3. Other Factors that Effect Eye Health

Great vision isn’t only about your eyes. There are a number of health concerns and conditions that impact your eye health. Diabetes and high blood pressure, in particular, have multiple side-effects relating to vision. Keeping your blood pressure under control and managing your diabetes can help avoid conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts.

By taking steps now, you can have a positive impact upon your vision later in life. Scheduling regular checkups with your eye care provider, keeping your eyes safe from the sun, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help address issues as they arise.

Don’t wait until your quality of life is severely affected. Call our office today at 239-263-6677 and schedule your premium eye exam. Let us redefine your view at Naples Optical!

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