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Are Prescription Sunglasses a Good Idea?

Are Prescription Sunglasses a Good Idea?

prescription sunglasses

If you’re one of the approximately 75% of adults who have some form of vision impairment, then you probably own a pair or two of prescription glasses. But should you also own a pair of prescription sunglasses? In a word – YES!

Depending upon which reason (or reasons) you wear glasses, most of us need to be wearing our corrective lenses all the time. Without a pair of prescription sunglasses, there are only two options for when you’re outside…and both have their downsides. Wearing only your glasses outside may mean than you can see more clearly, at the cost of leaving your eyes vulnerable to glare and to harsh UV rays. Wearing a regular pair of sunglasses outside will mean your eyes are better protected from the elements, but it may also mean you can’t see as well.

Besides protecting your eyes and helping you to see as clearly as possible, prescription sunglasses offer some other great benefits, as well! If you spend a lot of time outdoors, prescription sunglasses can give you an edge when it comes to being able to better enjoy your activities as your eyes will be able to more quickly focus. Prescription sunglasses can even help protect form sun damage around the eyes. This extra layer of protection can help to prevent fine lines and crows feet. Also, less straining and squinting outside will help you avoid headaches.

While you may be tempted to just purchase a second pair of glasses with prescription sunglasses lenses put in them, that may not be right for you. Speak with your optician about your specific outdoor activities, your commute, and even the times of day you spend outdoors. This way, your optician can recommend frames and styles that better suit your activity levels.

Another factor to take into consideration when it comes to sunglasses is your actual prescription. The good news is that there are prescription sunglasses available for just about any prescription. Be sure to mention to your optometrist that you’re interested in sunglasses as well as regular eyeglasses.

Living in sunny southwest Florida and wearing corrective lenses means prescription sunglasses are a must. Call us today at 239.353.8794 and schedule an appointment with our friendly staff!

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